Monday, August 27, 2007

The Fast Track Internet Model Strategy

Finding a niche, wrapping a website around it, and extracting revenue has been a time honored approach for web-based businesses.

I would like to offer an alternative strategy to get results much faster than the traditional method. This method primarily focuses on improving the mechanics of monetization – getting money from your site faster.

What a lot of people don’t realize is having a good looking website with compelling content that addresses a niche in the marketplace is not enough to be successful. Google and advertisers have a big say in whether you will be successful or not. They couldn't care less what products and services you offer. Their interests are focused instead, on things like traffic, PageRank, keyword-relevant and fresh content, and website age (the older, the better). The mechanics of aligning your interests with theirs is a key aspect of this strategy.

Issue: new websites are penalized in these areas and it requires time until you can crawl out of the Google “sandbox”.

Fast Track Strategy No.1 – buy an old domain/site with a decent PageRank and use that for your new web business (instead of registering a new domain name). Most people don’t realize that there is a thriving eBay-like marketplace for buying/selling domain names and websites (content and all). These sites are out of the sandbox and immediately yield higher search engine page results on Google. They are also more attractive to advertisers (giving you higher click-thru rates). Sites can be bought very cheaply. Toss out or modify the old site content.



Issue: your content must be frequently “refreshed” and must match the keywords people use to find you on the web.

Fast Track Strategy No.2 – on the web “content is king”. Content compels your visitors to take action and it one of the most important factors in getting people to find you on search engines. Search engines like frequently updated websites. Find a cheap freelance copywriter on one of the freelance marketplace websites and pay that person to write content that compels visitors and search engines.



Issue: improving the PageRank of the site you just purchased.

Fast Track Strategy No. 3 – get higher PageRanked sites to link to your site. Google loves it when you do this and the more the better. Get friends, customers, affiliates, professional organizations, etc. to link their sites to your site. Also, post comments on influential blogs and include a link to your site in your signature. You should add a blog to your website and keep the content fresh, compelling and relevant. This will attract inbound links to your blog (and site). You can also buy links from sites (be careful here) using the resource sites mentioned in 1 and 2.


Issue: increasing the revenue coming in from advertisers.

Fast Track Strategy No. 4 – get rid of Google AdSense ads and recruit advertisers directly (cutting out the middle man). Recruit companies that compliment your niche. You’ll need to show them your traffic stats, age and PageRank.


Issue: increasing the sales conversion rates on your site.

Fast Track Strategy No. 5 – get users to register or subscribe to your site. Get a valid email address during the registration process. Track their log-in activity and reward the “frequent flyers” with discounts, give-a-ways, tips, eBooks, tutorial videos, etc. through periodic concise and compelling emails.


Issue: capitalizing on your success or niche

Fast Track Strategy No. 6 – consider “flipping” your website once you have built up the valuation of your web asset (via strategies 1- 5). Every business needs an exit strategy, and this option is growing in popularity.



That’s it! There are additional strategies out there that can also help, but these should get you started.

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